Laundry Baskets

Part (laundry baskets), 2023. Chair, cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, acrylic and watercolor paints, plywood, ceramic mugs, brick.

Refugio de Fachada Solar

The exhibition “Refugio de Fachada Solar” at NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid, presented a new series of sculptural works that departed from the familiar Dollar Store laundry basket — Shelter (2022), Façada (2021), and Crying Sun (2022). I approach the basket, that ordinary tool associated with the female body and work, as a kind of black hole in … Continued

The Passerby (NB)

The Passerby (2017) recreates the labyrinthine layout of a street market. Hanging from steel structures, the translucent polyurethane surfaces have been directly cast from common plastic tarps often encountered on outdoor market stalls and temporary constructions sites, ephemeral architectures that protect people and goods. The viewer is obliged to move amongst the tarps, engaging with the … Continued