Bread Moon, 2023

Breads, moons and mirrors are spaces of disappearances and concealments. To disappear is to enter into the affirmation of the transitory. It is making space a game in continuous transformation.

The bread grows in agitations, it inflates by bubbling, it adapts and produces spaces, cavities and moist sensualities. The bread is seductive, each of its holes unique, each suggesting a different way of existing. Bread is archaic beauty, beginning and end. More empty than full, and more full than empty. Bread is a house where you want to sleep, a space you want to inhabit, an anthropomorphic game of openings waiting for penetration. Bread appears and disappears every day. Bread builds civilization – it is a construction material although it does not capitalize visually as official architecture does. My drawings allow me to do that, to make architecture out of bread. I am fascinated by bread’s formation process, fermentation as a metaphor for inexhaustible creativity. It can be described as a process where some molecules are degraded to be transformed into others that will form their mass. Everyday alchemy, a slow, discreet, unstoppable force of change.

The moon is visible when it is illuminated, so when looking at the moon we are looking at the sun. It is a slippery vision. Again, the inactive is discarded. The moon exists in relationship and in movement, in continuous transformation. Its play of lighting and shadow is the language chosen, like a Morse code, to establish a linguistic connection with us. A visual and emotional communication of what is latent in and between bodies.

The mirror exists in a spatial echo. When shown, it disappears. It also exists in relationship and in movement, in its appearance and disappearance. The mirror reflects our fictions and the possibility of other worlds. It plays with our perspective, in a similar way to the moon when it shows us the sun, the mirror twists us from the right to the left and dismantles our convictions. What we see is never what we think we see.


Bread Moon, 2023
Printed mirror on wood
80 x 80 cm
Produced by Catalina D’Anglade, edition of 13