Refugio de Fachada Solar, 2023

The exhibition “Refugio de Fachada Solar” at NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid, presented a new series of sculptural works that departed from the familiar Dollar Store laundry basket — Shelter (2022), Façada (2021), and Crying Sun (2022). I approach the basket, that ordinary tool associated with the female body and work, as a kind of black hole in the domestic universe, in which what is stained and dirty is deposited, what is not wanted to be seen, unmemorable. Using simple materials such as papier-mâché, wood, fabric, painted in acidic and melancholic colors, I build architectural hybrids that play at building and deconstructing, breaking and repairing; aggregated and precariously assembled shapes that look like a place of shelter could collapse, becoming a trap or a jail. The sculptures are traversed by exaggerated portholes that emphasize the porosity of the form, a form that in turn rests on other porous bodies, capable of absorbing (sponges, cloths, rags…), embracing (clothing) and containing (cups) other bodies. Thus, these works combine tenderness and aggressiveness, destruction and care, vitality and impermanence. While they betray their promise of organization and order, and by extension, our intimate notions of safety and security, they embody future ruins. The exhibition included a new series of drawing “knead, penetrate, let go, 2023” for more images go to “two Dimensional Works”