ffiXXed, 2014

ffiXXed by Ester Partegàs
Simultaneous Affinities
Spring / Summer 2014 Collection

Simultaneous Affinities

ffiXXed x Ester Partegàs Lookbook PDF

The body on the street (or in the office, home, studio, etc) appears as another urban element, circulating within tactical spaces to produce cacophonies of shapes, inert and moveable surfaces, flashes of color, activating spatial voids and engaging a range of social and economic transactions.

For their spring / summer 2014 collection, ffiXXed have again collaborated with multi-disciplinary artist Ester Partegàs, elaborating a shared interest in the re-negotiation of everyday images, objects and spaces Ester’s work often depicts the packaging of contemporary life – plastic bags, fast-food wrappers and bar-coded labels – as an effort to regulate it and homogenize it, an effort that is eventually outdone and overthrown. Similarly, ffiXXed explore the role of clothing and objects play in constructing our daily lives, using the framework of fashion to engage in a wider discussion about the production and consumption of contemporary culture.

Reflecting on the notion of clothing as part of the everyday coverings that exist within the urban landscape (fashion as the ultimate form of packaging) the collection addresses the practical, as well a the conceptual needs of the contemporary body. Through the use of surface, volume and form – jackets, t-shirts and blazers are constructed with semi transparent panels, while layered pieces and oversize linen knits expand and contract, leaving them free to respond to the shape of the body as well as the external language of the outside world.

At the center of the collection is a series of new prints that present a choreography of gestures and traces that register the rhythms of contemporary life, while generic surfaces are lifted from utilitarian tarp coverings and translated into subtle printed patterns and mirrored in woven fabrics These marks and surfaces simultaneously cross out, conceal and highlight the body within, inserting it back into public space where it will circulate in the technical and social system of sign production.