Poems for Supermarkets, 2016

Supermarket receipts on thermal paper

For the third time around, Danish imprint Lodret Vandret has invited an artist to work via the printed receipts from the cash registers at the supermarket REMA 1000 in the old Carlsberg Brewery grounds in Copenhagen. Catalan-born, New York-based Ester Partegàs has written an interactive poem inspired by the physical properties of the grocery store as well as the conceptual space that is the modern supermarket and its relationship to broader society. With every purchase from June 16 through 30 shoppers at REMA 1000 will be able to obtain first and later second part of Partegàs’ poem, which you are invited to add your own writing to. One can then choose to donate it back to the artist and publishers to be used as raw material for an upcoming and more traditional book work in the fall or it can be brought home and added to one’s book collection.