STEADY, 2024

STEADY is a two person show, Michelle Lopez + Ester Partegàs, at Ballroom Marfa (April 17 – September 08, 2024) curated by Daisy Nam


Twilight (laundry baskets), 2024. Plywood, cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, acrylic, fabric, ceramic tiles, brick, polyurethane.

knead, penetrate, let go, 2024. Graphite, tape and stickers on vellum. 3 framed drawings

Host, 2024. Chair, cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, fabric, aluminum, bricks.

Two Moons (laundry baskets) 2024. Cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, fabric, disco ball.

Knots (laundry baskets), 2024. Cardboard, Fast-Maché, fabric, pigments, rebar, cast polyurethane, branches, wool.

Half, 2024. Cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, fabric, cleaning sponges and pads.

All photos: Heather Rasmussen