Part; Line; Real Estate (laundry baskets)

Part (laundry baskets), 2023. Chair, cardboard, Fast-Maché, pigments, acrylic and watercolor paints, plywood, ceramic mugs, brick. Photo: Danielle Molajoli                                                                         … Continued

Refugio de Fachada Solar

The exhibition “Refugio de Fachada Solar” at NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid, presented a new series of sculptural works that departed from the familiar Dollar Store laundry basket — Shelter (2022), Façada (2021), and Crying Sun (2022). I approach the basket, that ordinary tool associated with the female body and work, as a kind of black hole in … Continued

Bread Moon

Breads, moons and mirrors are spaces of disappearances and concealments. To disappear is to enter into the affirmation of the transitory. It is making space a game in continuous transformation. The bread grows in agitations, it inflates by bubbling, it adapts and produces spaces, cavities and moist sensualities. The bread is seductive, each of its … Continued

knead, penetrate, let go

“I want to bring together bread and stone as an essential building block, as an architecture that constructs life, one that is permanent and another one impermanent and becomes us ”. Using tracing paper, charcoal stains are articulated to form the pores of a piece of bread, which in turn is playfully piled on top … Continued

The Passerby (NB)

The Passerby (2017) recreates the labyrinthine layout of a street market. Hanging from steel structures, the translucent polyurethane surfaces have been directly cast from common plastic tarps often encountered on outdoor market stalls and temporary constructions sites, ephemeral architectures that protect people and goods. The viewer is obliged to move amongst the tarps, engaging with the … Continued

Studies on Mysticism

Studies on Mysticism (2017) is a series of airbrushed works painted directly on the surface of flattened product wrappers, such as chewing gum or cookie boxes. I reproduce the original product background graphics omitting any foreground registers – such as words or logos or images- with the purpose of revealing the transcendental metaphysical promise the products present. … Continued

Poems for Supermarkets

For the third time around, Danish imprint Lodret Vandret has invited an artist to work via the printed receipts from the cash registers at the supermarket REMA 1000 in the old Carlsberg Brewery grounds in Copenhagen. Catalan-born, New York-based Ester Partegàs has written an interactive poem inspired by the physical properties of the grocery store … Continued