The Passerby

The Passerby (2017) recreates a street market, a common public space that alludes to the generic, anonymous and ubiquitous landscapes we are so familiar with. The work itself consists of translucent polyurethane scrims that have been directly cast from the common polyethylene tarps used to protect and shelter people and goods. Hanging from steel structures that … Continued

The source

The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs’ (DCLA) commissioned Ester Partegàs’ artwork for Plaza de las Americas site through its Percent for Art Program. The Plaza de las Americas project created a 16,000 square feet of pedestrian space at W 175th Street between Broadway and Wadsworth Avenue for the Northern Manhattan community. Together, DOT, DDC … Continued


Simultaneous Affinities ffiXXed x Ester Partegàs Lookbook PDF The body on the street (or in the office, home, studio, etc) appears as another urban element, circulating within tactical spaces to produce cacophonies of shapes, inert and moveable surfaces, flashes of color, activating spatial voids and engaging a range of social and economic transactions. For their … Continued