Invisible Forces, 2017

My project for The Marfa Poetry Festival,  August 9 – 13, 2017, consisted in these 8 flyers below. Using my own research photos taken in Marfa and its surrounding towns, I made 8 flyers with tear-off tabs that were hanged in bulletin boards around town such as coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, the tourist information office, the local clinic, and street poles. The texts in the tabs (in English and Spanish) were my own personal musings on the poetic, political and affective of the Southwest Texas landscape. As a sort of camouflaged public sculpture, the work wanted, on one hand, insert and disseminate poetry in unexpected places, and on the other, point to the things and emphasize the power the “vivid entities” (Jane Bennett) that constitute our surroundings posses.

Special thanks to Joshua Edwards (Canarium Books) and Tim Johnson (Marfa Book Co.)